Dark Jester/Z.I. Photography

I would like to introduce you to the collaborating team of Dark Jester(Josef David Matthew Zammit) and Z.I. Photography, (Geoffrey Cachia and Filofteia Gheorgita). They have teamed up to form this new approach to creating professional artistic photos.

Z.I. Photography,operating from the tiny Mediterranean Island of Malta, together with Dark Jester, are offering their services to fulfill anyone’s photographic fantasy. Geoffrey Cachia and Filofteia Gheorgita are photographers and editors for Dark Jester. They have also done photos for a Living History group called Anakron, and also for Biblical reenactments, creating some memorable photos.

Geoffrey Cachia;

Filofteia Gheorgita;


Dark Jester was started by, Josef David Matthew Zammit. He has a background in acting in dramas and as a film extra locally and abroad. Josef has a passion also in special effects, and he has combined all of those to create Dark Jester.He provides the costumes and is also the subject in some of the photos.

So combining these two great talents, you have some memorable professional artistic photos,one of a kind for you. The client creating the idea they want and the collaboration of Dark Jester and Z.I. Photography making that idea come to fruition.

Josef David Matthew Zammit;

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