My Romania-Vlad Dumitrescu

I happened upon a painting, or what I thought to be a painting, a few months ago and saw the name attached to it, Vlad Dumitrescu. I decided to post a comment about it  and came to find out that it was a photograph. The beauty in this photograph was stunning and as I soon found there were many more equally as beautiful on his Facebook page. I decided to ask Vlad a little about his self  and this is his response.

Hi, I am Vlad Dumitrescu and photography is my big passion. I discovered it several years ago and since that moment, it has become much more than a hobby. Although I never ignore a good shot, I feel more attached to photojournalism, ethnographic and landscape photography. From my point of view, photojournalism and ethnographic photography are not only the types of photography that best convey the feelings of the subjects and the mood, but also those that save things that otherwise would be lost and forgotten in time.
For this kind of shootings, one needs to always meet new people, to listen and relive stories along with the teller. Year by year, I see how something changes because of globalization. Customs and traditions, old crafts disappear. I like to believe that I, by doing what I do, help to bring back into the present lost things from the past.
Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to display my works in several Romanian cities, in both personal and group exhibitions. I also published a few photos in specialized magazines and won several photography contests. Here are some of them: in 2010, I won the 1st prize, in both color and black-and-white sections at Photography-Ethnographic Document Contest, and in 2011, I got 1st and 2nd prize in Portrait and 2nd place in Photojournalism at Photography of the year -2011.
In the future, I wish to participate in many more projects with the goal of safekeeping the image of old and pure Romania, of Romanian customs, traditions and people.

I think you will enjoy looking at the rest of his photographs.They give you a sense of what his homeland is like.

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