Alexandre Cabanel’s The Birth of Venus (1863).

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If It Happened Yesterday, It's History

Alexandre_Cabanel_-_The_Birth_of_Venus_-_Google_Art_Project_2.jpgInspiration often comes from my daily grind. I’ve said it many times before and today is no different. I bought a bottle of spring water and imagine my surprise, as I see a naked goddess obscuring her face, lying across an ocean wave, surrounded by cherubs as its logo. I laugh out loud, of course I would notice that, as I quench my thirst.

I am familiar with the story and imagery of the birth of Venus, though it is the painting by Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus (c. 1486) that I envisage first. You know the one, where Venus is standing on a seashell modestly covering her herself with her hands and hair. (I must confess, I am also reminded of the fresco from Pompei, Casa di Venus, 1st century AD, but only because of my interest in Roman history.) Interestingly, in Cabanel version of Venus’ birth…

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