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History Witch


This is Johannes Junius (1573 – 1628). He was the mayor of Bamberg, Germany when he was arrested on charges of witchcraft. This was shortly after his wife was executed for the same reason. During this incredibly volatile time, 5 mayors found themselves burning at the stake.

Junius denied the charges and demanded to face his witnesses. He went through a full week of torture and STILL proclaimed he was not a witch. The torture methods used were the application of thumbscrews, leg vices, and strappado – where the person’s hands are tied behind their neck and they are suspended in the air by rope. WHAT THE HELL??? So barbaric. He finally confessed and was burned at the stake.

His confession stated that he had been seduced by a woman who was a succubus, she threatened to kill him unless he denounced God. When he refused, more demons attacked, which…

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