Grandma Moses’ Emancipation Through Art and Duty


9780060130909On the 7th of September 1860, American folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, was born in Greenwich, New York, the US. Little in her early years indicated the artistic path that her life would eventually follow. As a farmer’s daughter she was expected to do her chores, learn how to cook and clean, and marry and raise a family of her own. Anna Mary did just that. In 1886, she worked for the James family where she met Thomas Moses; the two were married within a year. Soon after the ceremony, the newlyweds travelled by train to Virginia where they managed a farm. A few years passed though, and homesick for his home in New York, Thomas Moses moved his wife and five children to a farm in Eagle Bridge. Tragically, Thomas Moses died of a heart attack in 1927. After her husband’s death…

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