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I would like to introduce my friend and colleague, author Dianne Lynn Gardner. She is not only an author but an illustrator and fine artist. I am always fascinated to learn from other writers and I thoroughly enjoy being supportive in their work. Our readers are very important to us and we appreciate the support you show them by buying their books and posting a review. So now again here is Dianne Gardner.

The Pacific Northwest is my home. After living in the dry desert of Arizona for over 23 years, I tired of always praying for rain, so I decided to come and get it on my own. Gray skies and deep forests give way to the most glorious summers you could ever imagine. Not to mention the abundance of berries, clams, oysters, salmon, fruits of all kinds, to me the Puget Sound area of Washington is the richest place in the world.
I have seven children, all grown. Sixteen grandchildren that need stories written, and so they are my inspiration.
People always find it fascinating that I lived in a mud house for over 13 years, hauling water from the well in a bucket, cooking on a wood stove, planting blue corn in desert washes, and generally living out of the box. Some of these experiences are tapped into my novels.

A new Indie TV series is in the making and you can be part of it! A historical fantasy, Cassandra’s Castle has just finished pre production and is in the fundraising stage. Xylon Productions has just launched it’s Kickstarter and is looking to film this fall.

Silvio would rather Cassie forget she is royalty, “Too many people wanting the Crown already!” The wizard’s treaty with the king, and a magical alliance with the gypsies, play a part in the coming war.

But Cassie turns her back on him, swept away by a handsome cavalry officer, Valerio, who entreats her to join him in liberating the city of Alisubbo from a tyrannical ruler. Once she sympathizes with the rebels it is too late to turn back regardless of who the tyrant is. about a teenager who, against sound advise, opens a portal to another world and time travels to the early 1900s. Arriving in a magical kingdom she meets Silvio the wizard and his Xylonites, the little people who inform her she’s a princess.

The production is cast with some great talent from the Seattle area including actress Karolyn ZuZu Grimes from It’s a Wonderful Life. Being a period piece, the costumes are elegant, the locations intriguing including a historical yacht built in 1893, El Primero. Watch the video and please donate. There are some wonderful rewards waiting for you.








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