Once Upon a Time in Pennsylvania

Andrea Zug at Lancers, Inc.

Mike and I are in the car on our way to Clarion to do some shopping. I was in a particularly chipper…I do like that word…mood. I had a release date for my fourth Lancer, Inc. novel, Vengeance…happy, happy, happy. Mike is driving and I am thinking about book signings and marketing. Driving in rural Pennsylvania requires having eyes, not only in the back of your head, but on both sides as well. Around these parts you are almost always surrounded by woods or fields and you never know what will dart into your path. Almost at the same time Mike and I saw a young groundhog run into the middle of the road. He seemed confused, and picked up speed-when he either saw, heard, or perhaps felt the presence of the car. Mike put on the brakes, trying to avoid hitting the little guy. I’m trying to will it…

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