Harristown Church

Ed Mooney Photography

Harristown (1)

It’s been a quite month for ruin hunting, so yesterday whilst dropping my nephew back up to Dublin I seized the opportunity to stop of at a few sites en route. The first site we encountered was the old ruins of a medieval church in the townland of Harristown. Unfortunately I made a fatal error, as I had not checked my batteries. So I had a camera with no power, even the backup set I use were dead. As you could imagine I was kicking myself, and Scott & Ryan were disappointed that there would be no adventure for the afternoon. I was just about to leave for Dublin, when I decided to give the site a once over with the camera on my smart phone. It’s a HTC1 with a 4 Ultra pixel camera, and takes a good shot, but obviously has certain limitations.

Harristown (2)

Harristown (5)

Harristown (4)

Harristown (3)

The ruins of the church…

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