How to Celebrate Christmas, 1818

Windows into History

cardChristmas History 35. How was Christmas celebrated, 200 years ago?  1818 was a simpler time, but in many ways the spirit of Christmas was much the same: the importance of good company, good cheer, and thinking of others.  The following article is from the Dublin Evening Post, 26th December 1818:

The following may be briefly recapitulated as the materials for the keeping of Christmas.

1. An absence of false religion, that is to say, of cruel opinions of God, and uncharitable opinions of each other.

2. A spirit that does not shrink at earning its enjoyments indoors by exercise in the cold without.

3. Holly or other evergreens to stick about our rooms, and remind of the never-dying beauties of nature.

4. Plenty for all the house; and if possible, for some poor neighbours.

5. A good blazing fire.

6. Chestnuts to crack in it, mince pies, plum…

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