Unobstructed views: an early photographic study of New England’s historic houses.

The Streets of Salem blog can always be counted on for great visuals and fascinating architectural history of the New England region. I was struck by this article, which showcases some early photographs, dating from the 19th century, of a few well-known New England houses with historic pedigrees. Many of these places don’t exist anymore, and in that sense this article is very much like the ones I’ve done in my “Lost America” series. Enjoy the views and the history of these wonderful buildings that were part of our heritage and history for so long–and which are now the stuff of memories.

My self-education in historical architectural photography is now quite stalled in the realm of the photogravure, and I just can’t see enough tonal prints of old buildings, preferably but not necessarily of the New England variety. There is a slim volume titled Under Colonial Roofs by…

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