Warren Harding: Bloviator of Nostrums and the Founding Fathers

Presidential History Blog

A few men have the gift of speechifying pontifically and saying little. Like Warren Harding, 29th President.

Warren Harding at the podium. Bloviating.

Warren G. Harding: Newspaper Man

Harding was always a hands-on newspaperman.

Warren Harding was one of the most affable men in town. He was easy going, a bona fide glad-hander, and a fellow who fit easily into any social setting. Tall and good looking, he supposedly gained political supporters because “he looked like a President.” While some were not enthusiastic about him, there are very few records of anyone actually disliking him.

harding w-moustache Harding was said to be the best looking young man in town.

When WGH came to Marion, Ohio, he was still looking for a career path. Following a mediocre college education, he had spent some time working for a printer, and liked it well enough. He became part-owner of a Marion weekly newspaper, finding potential…

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