Dying for Everest: the terrifying icy graveyard on the roof of the world.


I have never climbed a mountain, but the subject of alpine climbing has interested me since I was a kid–probably since it figured so prominently in one of my favorite books, R.A. Montgomery‘s Choose Your Own Adventure novel The Abominable Snowman. Two of my recent works of fiction, Hotel Himalaya: Three Travel Romances and The Valley of Forever, take place partially in the Himalayas, the tallest and most forbidding mountains on Earth. In doing a bit more research on climbing for an upcoming writing project, I stumbled upon a macabre and tragic subject that apparently has attracted the attention of numerous people over the past few decades: the dead of Mt. Everest. But beyond just a particularly ghastly bit of real life horror, the icy graveyard of human corpses on the upper slopes of the Earth’s tallest mountain contains, I think, a sobering lesson on how humans…

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