Royal People: Anna Komnene – Historian, Physician, Byzantine Princess

Great history post. I always enjoy reading on history and learning new history posts.

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When people think of medieval princesses, they often think of an almost fairy-tale like person. A beautiful young woman who was married off at a young age to a foreign prince, traded as a political pawn, with little agency of her own. Of course, this was often far from the truth, and one such example is certainly the strong-willed Anna Komnene.

Anna was born on 1st December 1083 in the Porphyra Chamber of the imperial palace of Constantinople. The Porphyra Chamber was found on one of the Palace’s terraces, and overlooked the Sea of Marmora and the Bosphorus Strait. The entire room – walls, floor, and ceiling – was completely covered in imperial purple. She was the daughter, and first-born child of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and his wife Irene Doukaina. The conditions of her birth to a reigning emperor in the Porphyra chamber made Anna a…

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