US art: Bushwick graffiti

kirilson photography

Venue: Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

Lens: Sigma 35 mm f/1.4 & Samsung S7 camera

Music: Meyhem Lauren – Got the fever (

As promised I am continuing the “US art” series in the new 2018, this time with a perhaps slightly surprising graffiti post from the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. As hopefully you’ll soon be convinced, the Bushwick street art tour is actually much like a modern art gallery tour, only open-air. The Bushwick collective initiative actually attracts many of the world’s leading street artists, and it’s therefore not surprising that the neighborhood became one of the top tourist destinations in NYC in recent years. I visited the place on a rainy Sunday afternoon and only managed to see and capture a small fraction of all the street art, so I’d urge people to go explore the area for themselves. Enjoy and let me know which piece you like the most!

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