Herbert Hoover, Food Administrator

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Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover

When World War I finally came to US shores, President Wilson summoned Herbert Hoover back home.

The Hoovers: Ex-Pats

For nearly twenty years, Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Hoover had lived abroad, in various and exotic locations. They didn’t even have a US residence. On their infrequent trips “home” they usually stayed with family.

Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) was one of the pre-eminent mining engineers in the world, and had become a bona fide millionaire by the time he was forty. At the outset of the Great War in 1914 (as it was called then), the wealthy Hoovers had been living in the upscale Mayfair section of London for a few years.

Virtually unknown outside his small circle, Herbert Hoover became famous when he helped tens of thousands of Americans return home when war began in August, 1914. That assistance was immediately followed by a yeoman effort…

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