Children’s Christmas Letters 3

Windows into History

George_Henry_Durrie_-_A_Christmas_PartyChristmas History 30.  Recently on Windows into History we have been looking at some letters from children published in a January 1910 edition of the Iowa Homestead, writing about how they spent their Christmas.  The following is another selection:

Christmas was a very bad day here. It was snowing furiously when I started to my grandma and grandpa’s house in Taylorville, with my sister, mother and father. We had a very disagreeable trip through the snow, but reached there in time for the good dinner they had prepared. In the afternoon we went over to one of my aunt’s, who lives across the yard from grandma’s, where they had the Christmas tree. Several of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there and Santa Claus came and gave us all nice presents. We then had music and played with all the pretty playthings. We returned home about nine o’clock at…

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