Children’s Christmas Letters 2

Windows into History

reindeerChristmas History 29.  Last time we looked at some letters from children published in a January 1910 edition of the Iowa Homestead.  The following is another, heartwarming selection:

Christmas eve we were surprised with a Christmas tree. There were about twenty candles burning, and mamma bought lots of decorations, so the tree looked real pretty. We all got many presents. Christmas Day, as my cousins were over, we all went sleigh riding. We took a long ride and came home just in time for dinner. We were all hungry, so we enjoyed a big dinner. In the afternoon we played games and snowballed. We were having such a good time that we forgot all about how late it was getting until mamma called us to supper. I think that was the happiest Christmas I ever had.

I live in Ohio near a city of about 6,000 population. We…

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