Christian Dior – Architect or Fashion Designer?


The “Bar” suit, Dior’s first collection (1947), as displayed in Moscow 2011. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

On the 23rd of October 1957, Christian Dior died in Montecatini, Italy. His death was as sudden as his entry into the world of haute couture ten years earlier. At the beginning of 1947, Dior’s first collection changed the entire fashion world. After years of war asceticism, scarcity and rationing this collection brought hope for the return of femininity.“We were emerging from a period of war, of uniforms, of women-soldiers built like boxers. I drew women-flowers, soft shoulders, flowering busts, fine waists like liana and wide skirts like corolla. But it is well known that such fragile appearances are obtained only at the price of a rigorous construction… I wanted my dresses to be constructed, modelled upon the curves of the feminine body whose sweep they would stylize.” (Christian Dior,Christian Dior…

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