A girl named Geillis

History Witch


Welcome to Witch Season! Better late than never. So sorry for my lack of posts.

This is Geillis Duncan. Her name became quite popular with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. These books are AMAZING and completely inspired my trip to Scotland two years ago (and yes, I tried to go through the stones- they wouldn’t take me).

In the books, Geillis is a bit of a nightmare- traveling through time to change the course of history while killing off a few people along the way. However, this character was based on a real woman, or rather, a girl. According to Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb (her and Lucy Worsley are my favorite historians) Geillis was a young maidservant working for David Seaton in the late 1500’s. It was said that Geillis suddenly developed amazing healing capabilities and was seen sneaking out of the house at night.

Poor thing was probably slipping out after…

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