Funiculì, Funiculà? “One-an-threppence”

Windows into History

funicularSnippets 128. When the first funicular cable car on Mount Vesuvius opened in 1880, renowned Neapolitan journalist Peppino Turco came up with the idea of a commemorative song and made the suggestion to composer Luigi Denza that he could put something together. The result was “Funiculì, Funiculà”, which is a very well known song to this day. Two decades later, American travel writer Thomas Rees visited Naples (more about which will follow in later blog posts) and the song made a strong impression on him. Arriving in London, on a later part of his tour, he found the song was still in his mind, and set out to buy the score, but encountered an unexpected language barrier. The following quote is taken from Sixty Days in Europe and What We Saw There (1908):

The pronunciation of the various money terms which are used by the thoroughbred Londoners is very…

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