Structure of the Knights Templar

Crusader History


One of the interesting features of the Templar’s was their emphasis on discretion.  From their founding to liquidation, they never compromised on their need for secrecy.  If they were truly devoted to the Catholic Church, there was no need for secrecy, as all of Europe came under the sovereignty of the Papacy.

If they were merely following the true Christian teaching, then they had nothing to hide, and no need for secrecy.

Then why did they adopt secrecy as a fundamental principle of the order, unless they were engaged in activities which were alien to the beliefs of the Church?

Discipline within the order, was based on a chain of command.  If anything be commanded by a Master, it should be done without question, as if it were a command from God.

The Templar’s were not allowed personal possessions, and all property belonged to the order, upon their acceptance as…

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