Jerome Myers: Painter of the Underdog


500px-Jerome_Myers_-_Night_in_Seward_Park_-_Google_Art_Project “Night in Seward Park” 1919, oil on canvas

On the 19th of June 1940, American painter Jerome Myers died in New York. For more than 50 years Myers, small of stature and bearing a striking resemblance to Paderewski, was a familiar sight on the streets of New York, which he made his special painting province.” His obituary in The Art Digest, read that, The Lower East Side, with its crowded tenements and struggling immigrants, knew him best and was recorded in hundreds of sketches which were later transcribed onto soft-toned canvases. The poor seemed to bring forth Myers’ deepest feelings, but he did not paint them because they and their environment were ugly; he saw the beauty of their humble lives, and on his canvases he has caught that beauty…During those 50 years the cobblestones that Myers used to tramp were smoothed to asphalt pavements…

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