Hurricane Katrina, The Eye-opening Disaster


A1U6kAETUmL._SL1500_On the 7th of May 1718, New Orleans (La Nouvelle-Orléans) was founded by the French Mississippi Company, under the command of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. Not long before that date, Bienville, who was the Governor of Louisiana at the time, set out from Dauphin Island to select a place on the banks of the Mississippi River for a new settlement. Bienville and his people travelled for many days up the river before they found their ideal location. “The locale was wet, heavily forested and, even then, clouded by mosquitoes, but it had certain advantages over other possible sites. The terrain was generally higher than it was along most of the river and only a narrow strip of land, traversed part way by a bayou, separated the site from Lake Pontchartrain. Access to the spot – named New Orleans – from the Gulf was afforded by Lakes Borgne and…

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