What happened this month in history?

Rearview Mirror

May 1st 1931

The Empire State Building scrapes the skies of New York City.

In dramatic fashion, President Herbert Hoover pressed a telegraph key in Washington, which turned on the Empire State Buildings lights, officially opening the tallest building in the world in New York City on May 1st 1931. The 102 storey steel skyscraper soared an incredible 380 metres above the city’s skyline. Incredibly, it was the city’s third new skyscraper built-in a frenzy of construction during that period. An intense rivalry amongst some of the richest men in America, turned into a competition to see who could erect the world’s tallest building. 40 Wall Street held that title briefly in 1930 before it was surpassed by the Chrysler Building. However, just a year later, the Chrysler Building would itself be dwarfed by the majesty of the Empire State Building’s Art Deco structure.

It is said that its…

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