English Knight: Thomas Erpingham

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Thomas Erpingham Thomas Erpingham

Thomas Erpingham was born in 1357-58 to local landowner; Sir John Erpingham, whose family had held the manor of Erpingham since 1234.  Thomas would step onto the military stage in his early twenties, becoming a Norfolk hero.

In 1379, Thomas Erpingham entered the retinue (band of attendants, accompanying an important person) of the Second Earl of Salisbury and Captain of Calais, William de Montacute.

On the 13th September 1380, Thomas Erpingham entered the service of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward III and uncle of King Richard II.  His position, was one of an esquire ( attendant to a knight – shield bearer).  In later years, Thomas Erpingham would be knighted by John of Gaunt.

John of Gaunt John of Gaunt

In 1386, the Duke of Lancaster; John Gaunt granted him Erpingham Manor, and in 1396 confirmed it upon him for life.

In the 1380’s…

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