Theodore Roosevelt: Sailor and Soldier

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, man of a zillion interests, always loved the military.

TR: The Sailors’ Nephew

Theodore Roosevelt was a little child during the tumultuous Civil War years.   His was a well-to-do prominent New York family, but his mother, Martha (Mittie) Bulloch, was a  born into an equally well-to-do and prominent Georgia family.

To the eternal chagrin of his son, TR Sr, in his thirties, purchased a substitute to serve in the Union Army rather than risk possible armed battle with family members.  Two of Mittie’s brothers fought for the Confederacy.

James and Irvine Bulloch were heroes of the Confederate Navy.

Those two brothers, James and Irvine Bulloch, were heroes – NAVAL heroes – whose derring-do as blockade runners were the stuff of legends.  Mittie Roosevelt made sure her children knew the glorious stories of their Southern kin.

Theodore, an asthmatic and nearsighted boy, reveled in those adventure…

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