The Assassination Attempt on Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

Political assassination has been around since Biblical times, if not longer.

Andrew Jackson: Public Figure

General Andrew Jackson was the ideal image of “The Hero.”

Andrew Jackson had been in the public eye since he was in his early twenties. As a Tennessee lawyer, planter, speculator, horseracer, duelist and legislator, he eventually became “General” Jackson, a militia title, and “Old Hickory” for posterity. With such a resume, it is easy to understand his huge number of followers – and  enemies.

When he became POTUS in 1829, he was sixty one, a recent widower,  skinny as a rail, white haired and practically toothless.

An idealized President Jackson.

By 1835, well into his second term, many Americans wondered how he lived as long as he had. At sixty-seven, the odds were that he would not survive his term. But Old Hickory was as tough as his nickname, and was now…

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