The Mystery of ‘The Fortune Teller’ by Georges de la Tour


51Spl31T5HLOn the 13th of March 1593, the French Baroque painter Georges de la Tour was born in the town of Vic-sur-Seuille, a few miles from Nancy, France. In 1620, when he was already a practicing painter, he moved to Lunéville, Lorraine, an independent duchy between north-east France and the German states. That is where he established himself as a master artist and stayed until his death in 1652. Until 1915, when Hermann Voss practically rescued him from oblivion, La Tour’s life and oeuvre had been relatively unknown. Even now, there are still very few documents providing much information about his life and education, but some of the scholars say that a travel to either Italy or the Netherlands in the early stages of his career was very likely to happen. His paintings bear visible Caravaggian influences, which probably reached him through the Dutch Caravaggisti of the Utrecht School and…

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