The Princess in the tower, and the skeleton under the floorboards

F Yeah History

The excellently named Sophia Dorothea was born in 1666 the only child of the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, who ruled the Celle portion of the Duchy of Brunswick. Sophia’s  mother was the Dukes long standing mistress,Éléonore Marie d’Esmier d’Olbreuse.
Though Sophia’s parents were eventually married, in a morganatic marriage (meaning that due to her lower social rank, Eleonore would receive none of her husbands title or wealth- which seems totally fair) it was a scandalous start to a life that would be full of royalty, affairs, imprisonment and eventually murder.

miniture-of-sophia Sophia Dorothea, Miniature

By the time Sophia reached marrying age she was something of a certified beauty, skilled at a whole host of ‘womanly pursuits’ (so music and sewing) not to mention flirtatious and witty- she was a catch, something very good to be when a woman’s entire future and potential happiness rested on who she would marry.

Sadly for Sophia the…

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