Mrs. Coolidge and Baseball: A Love Affair

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coolidgesatgame President and Mrs. Coolidge at a Washington Senators game.

Calvin Coolidge liked baseball so-so. But First Lady Grace Coolidge was a enthusiastic fan!

Coolidge the Indifferent Sport

calvin coolidge Calvin Coolidge, so-so baseball enthusiast.

Calvin Coolidge was always a hard fellow to figure, unless, of course, you were a New Englander. Then he was easy to understand: Except for politics, he was not a joiner. And even in politics, his “joining” at best, was at arm’s length.

He was a man with no hobbies. He neither enjoyed nor played any particular sport as boy-to-man. There is no record of him being on any team. There is also no record of him enjoying or playing any “solitary” pastime, such as hunting or golf or horseback riding. His interest in fishing came much later in his life, and even then, it was mild.

He was also not a man of games. He collected nothing…

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