Thomas Jefferson’s Merry Party

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white house 1807 The White House, as it looked in Thomas Jefferson’s time.

Thomas Jefferson was a sophisticated gentleman, not usually associated with rudeness, but…

President Jefferson’s Hosting Attitudes

thomas jefferson The sophisticated Virginian, Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) had grown up in a time and place of elegance and form. As a young student at William and Mary, he was a frequent guest at the Governor’s Palace, where fine dining and fine manners were matter of course in Williamsburg, the capital of the Virginia colony.

In due time, he himself was Governor of Virginia (not a colony, not yet a state), and even with the Revolutionary War in full throttle, managed to entertain cordially from time to time.

His half-decade or more in Europe, particularly in France, exposed him to the crème de la crème of social settings. When he returned to the United States as President Washington’s Secretary of State, he earned a…

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