Benjamin Harrison and the Washington Centennial. And Me.

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The 100th anniversary of George Washington’s Inaugural Centennial in New York City was a very big deal.

14-04-28-washington-inauguration George Washington takes the Presidential Oath of Office in 1789.

The Inauguration of George Washington

George Washington was elected unanimously and with no opposition.  Everyone was enthusiastic about the new President of the United States. Therefore, one can safely assume that it was no surprise to the former General when a delegation from a newly elected Congress came to Mount Vernon to inform him of his election. Washington had already written his speech of response.

gwinaugtrenton A famous depiction of Washington receiving accolades  in Trenton, NJ en route to his inauguration. Note the white horse.

But arrangements had to be made, not only for the inaugural ceremonies slated to be held in New York (which had donated itself as the temporary capital), but for George Washington’s personal needs as well. He required sufficient…

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