Updates on Health


Update Dec 23, 2016 (scroll down for current updates)

I am still struggling and dealing with health issues and It’s not easy so please help by donating what you can to help and share with others. Christmas is not a happy time for me because can’t afford groceries or buy Christmas for my grandkids and my medicine. Car needs work but can’t find help; Please help me start out with a better year. I have Hemochromatosis  (an iron overload disease with no cure),  I am also dealing with another illness with no cure called Gastroparesis. It has been a difficult year. I am going through phlebotomy treatments. Doctor thinks I may also have a blocked bile duct, and that would mean more surgery.



Donations can be made through PayPal or by mail ( message if you need address) Gift cards would be great for Walmart, Target, and Publix.

Update:December 26, 2016

Christmas was okay, I spent with friends but wasn’t feeling well. I tried to stay cheerful,  because who wants to be a downer on the Holidays. I am having right upper chest pain (my Liver problems may be causing it), and some nausea. I still have trouble eating, I do eat but very little and it makes me feel sick and miserable.

My last blood work showed no changes in Iron level so my phlebotomy treatments continue. Next treatment is Jan 12th. I am having a difficult time with finances and could really use the help. This year hasn’t been a good year because of finances and health. Keep me in your prayers and if you can donate in any way I would truly appreciate it.

I need my car fixed so can get to treatments and not have to ask for a ride every month. I am an independent person and do not like asking for help but I have no other resources. You can Donate through PayPal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com or if you wish to send something by mail leave me a message and your email and I will send my info or add me on FaceBook ( https://www.facebook.com/momchef3 ).

Thank you and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

December 29, 2016

I spent from 7 pm last night until 2:30 am in the emergency room with severe Pain under right rib cage. Doctor has said he suspects blocked bile duct and will need a HIDA scan or CAT scan and MRI to be sure. If I do, it means more surgery and I am still going through Hemochromatosis, ( Iron overload), and it causes a lot of problems. My Gastroparesis (digestive disorder) leaves me struggling with getting enough nutrition. Please help and donate to help me through this difficult time.

Donate to Paypal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com

Have a Happy 2017

UPDATE: January 6, 2017

I am still in a struggle to get healthy and prayers and hope are all I have left. Financially I am struggling and need your help. Please Donate to help me during this difficult time. Donations can be made to PayPal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com. If you are on FaceBook and have questions feel free to friend me or message me. I am hoping for a healthier and brighter New Year. (https://www.facebook.com/momchef3)


UPDATE:Jan. 12 2017

I had another phlebotomy treatment today and I  feel a little light headed and nauseated. I am in need of help so please help and share.








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