An FDR White House Christmas

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For twelve years, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt occupied in the White House and spent more Christmas holidays there than any other first family.

fdrgiftphoto President and Mrs. Roosevelt. A signed, framed photograph has always been a popular POTUS-FLOTUS gift to staff members.

Strictly Roosevelt Traditions

carvingturkey FDR had style in everything – even carving a turkey.

Some holiday traditions are more or less universal. Then, of course, there are those personal traditions that nearly every family incorporates into its lifestyle. That includes Presidents.

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, whose personal lifestyle was diverse, made Christmas a three day family affair at the White House between 1933-1944. Naturally once WWII began, and all four Roosevelt sons were in uniform, it became impossible to gather the whole clan.

fdrxmas The Roosevelts loved having their family around for Christmas.

But the POTUS was happy to have whoever was in town, particularly the grandchildren. He sat at…

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