The Vanishing of Agatha Christie


“Do you know the feeling you have when you know something quite well and yet for the life of you can’t recollect it?”, is the opening line in Agatha Christie’s semi-autobiographical novel Unfinished Portrait. The book was published in 1934, eight years after her mysterious disappearance from her house in Sunningdale.

51-j5kb1IMLOn the 3rd of December 1926 around 9.30pm, Agatha Christie kissed her sleeping daughter Rosalind goodbye, then went outside, climbed into her Morris Cowley and drove off into the night. What happened afterwards is a great mystery. Her car was eventually found at Newlands Corner, near Guildford, yet the lady was nowhere to be seen. Her disappearance caused a great public stir, keeping the police and media on their toes. Thousands of police officers and volunteers got involved in the search of the great writer. For the first time in history aeroplanes were used in the…

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