Hope on recovery on my health



Latest date: I had a port line put into make it easier to rid myself of too much Iron Really tired all the time but im hanging in there,Christmas coming and cant cook for family and car needs repaired and groceries needed. I am barely staying a float.

Please help me any way you can. Accepting donations at Pay Pal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com. No donation to small. This has really brought me down. I wanted to be able took cook for family but no groceries for that and I am still not feeling my best I am just worried what get my life back .is going to happen. Please donate and help me get my life back.

Prayers needed just found out may have blocked bile duct so after plebotomy treatment on the 15th and if labs come back with High live enzymes I will need further texting. Please help me make my Christmas a better one. DONATE TO PAYPAL AT chrmeldan3@yahoo.com or if you would rather send gift card that will be ok, just email me at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com for address.



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