My life has been adversely impacted by Gastroparesis for a number of years now. I am  Lenora Rogers, an author and blogger from Cullman, Alabama. MY health has health deteriorated significantly in the past three years, and is now struggling both with the disease and with financial burdens that make daily survival a difficult proposition.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if that nice meal out you’ve been looking forward to all week turned out to be your worst nightmare? If you couldn’t finish more than a couple of bites? Have you thought about what a struggle your life would be if there were days on end when you couldn’t even eat solid food without nausea? These aren’t just rhetorical questions. For those suffering from Gastroparesis, these are daily realities.

Gastroparesis is a word that means what it may sound like: according to the Mayo Clinic, “Gastroparesis is a condition in which the spontaneous movement of the muscles (motility) in your stomach does not function normally.


Gastroparesis hard to live with Medical definitions are one thing, but for those living with the disease, here are a few ways Gastroparesis can impact day-to-day living: nausea, vomiting, dry-heaving, vitamin deficiencies, damage to teeth and gums from vomiting and acid reflux, and exhaustion from little sleep as I worry about health and finances.

I am also dealing with an iron overload disease called Hemochromastosis.

On November 28th I have a liver test at 8am and one at 11:30am and then at 3pm will be sedated to have a port line put in because my veins are not working, probably from the many surgeries I have had. Keep the thoughts and prayers going. If you wish to send me a get well card (funny ones are good as well as ones of hope). Feel free to message me here or if you are on Facebook and /or email at; chrmeldan3@yahoo.com

Lenora Rogers

504 White Cir SW

Cullman, Alabama 35055

Or by email  chrmeldan3at yahoo.com and if donating PayPal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com




Please help me, I have 2 diseases and no cure. Help me get car fixed so I can get to my doctors. Donate to PayPal at chrmeldan3@yahoo.com




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