Order of Chivalry: St.John

Crusader History

order-of-st-john-medal Order of St.John Medal

In 1048, the Order of St.John was born by Amalfian merchants, and its founder the Blessed Gerard.  First came the construction of a church, convent and hospital in Jerusalem, offering care to pilgrims of any faith.  What would follow over the years would be the creation of a chivalric order, which would evolve into a military machine.

A Papal Bull was issued on the 15th February 1113, by Pope Paschal II approving the hospital’s foundation, and placing it under the protection of the church.  All knights had to follow the Christian faith and abide by three monastic vows; poverty, chastity and obedience.

Under the terms laid down by the Kingdom of Jerusalem, they were expected to offer military defence, to the sick and pilgrims.  The military task was undertaken by their Hospitaller mission.

It wasn’t long before the Order required a symbol, one which they…

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