Hallelujah, Amen and Goodbye Leonard Cohen.

Rearview Mirror

Leonard_Cohen_1_2013.jpgMy thoughts are with Leonard Cohen’s family and friends during this sad time. Yesterday, we lost one of the most gifted lyricists in music whose work spanned almost fifty years.

Hailing from Westmount, Canada, Leonard Cohen was interestingly a poet and novelist long before he became an acclaimed songwriter and artist. In the years since his musical debut in 1968, Cohen’s remarkable career produced an inspirational and haunting collection of songs that offered something for everyone on subjects ranging from love and hate to melancholia and religious symbolism.

One of the highlights of his musical career is Hallelujah. It is arguably one of the most popular songs that has ever been covered since Cohen first released it some thirty years ago. It is truly a great song, probably one of the greatest, in terms of composition, its chord progression and then those amazing lyrics. But I don’t care much…

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2 responses to “Hallelujah, Amen and Goodbye Leonard Cohen.

  1. I like his studio recorded version. But these are also great :
    Dance me to the end of love
    Take this longing
    Famous blue raincoat
    The stranger song
    Who by fire?
    Lover lover lover
    Joan of Arc
    Leaving Greensleeves
    You want it darker
    Waiting for the miracle
    My Oh My

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