Amazing Women Who Inspire Us: Dame Nellie Melba

Rearview Mirror

The incredible Nellie Melba was a woman truly ahead of her time. She ignored society’s views of a woman’s place being at home, to forge herself an extraordinary career as an operatic soprano. In short, she became Australia’s first global star and a darling of the theatre around the world.

Nellie Melba was born in the inner suburb of Melbourne known as Richmond in 1861. At a very early age, she fell in love with music and singing. Her first public performance was at the age of six. Later in her teens, she began to make a name for herself and dreamed of a life as a famous opera singer. Convincing her strict father that this was what she wanted most in life was going to be a hard sell. He was quite adamant that the life of a professional singer was no life for a respectable young woman.


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