Remembering Poe

Historic Ipswich

Edgar Alan Poe Returns to Boston – A Halloween Reflection

by Helen Breen

Edgar Allen Poe statue BostonThe life-size statue of Edgar Alan Poe in Boston, dedicated in 2014, captures the writer’s energy as he approaches his nearby birthplace. Photo from Eating Books

Poe’s stories of horror and suspense, along with his melancholy poetry, are part of Halloween traditions in America. The writer, who was born in Boston in 1809, maintained a love/hate relationship with the city during his lifetime. But in 2014, Bostonians reclaimed their native son with the erection of a dramatic statue of the bard striding along Boylston Street in the direction of his birthplace that no longer exists.


It’s a sad story – after Poe’s mother’s death and father’s desertion, he was raised in a life of privilege by the Alan family of Baltimore. Unfortunately, his stepmother’s death, his stepfather’s remarriage, and Edgar’s inability to conform…

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