My Halloween Special: Skyhooks’ Horror Movie (song).

Rearview Mirror


“It’s a horror movie, right there on my TV/ Horror movie, right there on my TV/ Horror movie, and it’s blown a fuse/ Horror movie, it’s the six thirty news….” – Horror Movie (Skyhooks).

How do I even begin to describe to my wider audience who Skyhooks are? In short, they were a pre punk glam rock band that had incredible success in Australia during the mid 1970’s. Dressed in theatrical glam rock costumes and combined with their amusing social commentary of Australian life, Skyhooks left an enormous imprint on the Australian music scene. They inspired a generation of new artists, but no one would ever really emulate their disregard for convention.

Many of their songs were banned from Australian radio because of their explicit discussion of taboo topic such as sex and drugs. This, of course, didn’t impede them from having huge chart success. They had some incredible hit…

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