A Chat with a Ghost

Windows into History

houseCreepy History 21.  In 1681 clergyman Joseph Glanvill wrote Sadducismus Triumphatus, exploring the world of the supernatural, with a particular focus on witches and ghosts. He had a strong belief in this sort of thing, and felt that denying their existence was a step towards atheism. His work contains a collection of anecdotal evidence of the existence of ghosts. The following quote is one example:

David Hunter, neat-herd at the Bishop’s house at Portmore, there appeared to him one night, carrying a log of wood into the dairy, an old woman, which amazed him, for he knew her not: but the fright made him throw away his log of wood, and run into the house. The next night she appeared again to him, and he could not choose but follow her all night, and so almost every night for near three quarters of a year. Whenever she came…

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