In the Ghostly Footsteps of the Gettysburg Irish

Irish in the American Civil War

My posts have been less frequent than normal of late due to a range of book and conference commitments, so apologies to readers for the longer than normal gap! I will shortly be heading to the United States for the first time in a couple of years, taking in some locations relating to the Irish experience in New York and Pennsylvania, as well as some of those associated with the Revolutionary War. The highlight though will be my first visit to the Gettysburg battlefield. As a result, I have been reviewing some of my writing on the Irish and Gettysburg over the years, with a view to connecting some of these stories to place when I am at the site.

Confederate Sharpshooter The image of the Confederate Sharpshooter taken by Irish photographer Timothy O’Sullivan at the Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania in July 1863

When we think about the Irish at Gettysburg, we tend to concentrate on…

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