Marcel Proust and his Mother: A Unique Bond


41-60wlFdELOn the 26th of September 1905, Jeanne Clémence Weil, mother of writer Marcel Proust, died in Ile de France, Paris. Madame Proust, as she was to be known, seeing as Marcel never got married, was born Jewish on both sides of her family. Her genealogy actually shows that Marcel Proust and Karl Marx were distant cousins, albeit seven generations apart. Jeanne was a sensitive, very intelligent, and well-educated young woman who had a deep understanding of music and literature. Her schooling had been primarily classical and because at the time girls could not attend the lycées which served as preparatory schools for higher education, Jeanne studied at home, probably with private tutors. Jeanne’s wealthy parents married her off to the Catholic Dr. Adrien Proust in 1870 and she had two sons, Robert and Marcel. Her presence is strongly felt in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, which opens with one of the best known scenes in literary…

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