Eleanor Roosevelt’s Road to Val-Kill

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eleanor%20roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt, at the time she became “Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Eleanor Roosevelt was nearly forty before she had a life, and place of her own.

FDR, Eleanor and Polio

The marriage between Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, fifth cousins by birth, had never been a joyful one. Their personalities were poles apart, and while they truly cared for each other and recognized and appreciated the others’ strengths, the young Mrs. Roosevelt was never comfortable – or happy – with motherhood and matronly engagement in the social scene of the New York well-do-do. Her volunteer work helping new immigrants and World War I soldiers was far more satisfying.

young couple The young Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

the-formidable-mama Sara Delano Roosevelt, on the cover of TIME Magazine.

Sara Delano Roosevelt, Franklin’s overbearing mother, was another cross to bear.  Eleanor, still in her twenties, did not have the self-confidence to wrest control of her life (or…

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