What happened this month in history?

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October 3rd 610 CE

Heraclius arrives by ship from Carthage at Constantinople to overthrow Byzantine emperor Phocas

Sometime around 610 CE, the senate sent out a call for help to be rescued from the paranoid and revengeful Byzantine emperor named Phocas. In short, everyone was praying for a miracle, and it came in the form of Flavius Heraclius, the son of the governor of Carthage.

Heraclius sailed immediately with his fleet from Carthage to Constantinople and on the October 3rd 610 CE, Heraclius with his fleet appeared off Constantinople and was greeted enthusiastically by the people of the great city. The ‘tyrant’ that had ruled over the Byzantine empire for eight years was at once deserted by his supporters. In this charged atmosphere, Heraclius himself seized power, executed Phocas and immediately began work to reinvent the empire.

His thirty year reign came at a time when almost all…

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