Jake Burridge, the sailor

Historic Ipswich

Jake Burridge, 1983. Photo from Ipswich Today.Jake Burridge, 1983. Photo from Ipswich Today.

In November 1982, Jake Burridge, already in his 60’s, set out on his 33-foot sailboat “Trepidation” from Gloucester and set his course for the Bahamas. He’d made this trip before, but this time was harder. “There were gale watches all down the coast. It was windy, cold and miserable.” A trawler named “Lovely Lady,” that he was sailing with dragged its 65-pound anchor, and a ship from Hyannis was demolished, but Jake kept going. Jake took a Christmas break, then returned to Florida, continued south to Key Biscayne, and then set out for Nassau,where he was joined by her wife. Together they sailed through very rough seas to Staniel Cay, where she took a plane home, telling him that he was “stupid to be risking your life out there every day.”

“She had a point,” Jake confessed, and he began to wonder, “What the hell am I doing out her,” but he…

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