The Other Bermuda Triangle: Invasion attempts in Ireland, America, and Bermuda

Irish in the American Civil War

There is some superb research being undertaken into elements of the Irish diaspora at present, both at home and abroad. The site has been fortunate to feature a number of guest posts in the past highlighting some of this scholarly research. I am delighted to be able to share a fascinating post prepared for the site by Jerome Devitt, a PhD Scholar at Trinity College, Dublin. Jerome has been working on British counterinsurgency in Ireland in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War, and has recently carried out substantial work on the fascinating Fenian connections with Bermuda. Jerome recently published on this topic in the latest Éire-Ireland and here distills for us his findings, and how they connect to Fenians in the United States– many of whom were Civil War veterans.

Oftentimes the story of Irish and Irish-American revolutionary nationalists can seem relatively direct: 1st or 2nd generation…

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