Impressionism in Photography: George Davidson


George_Davison-The_Onion_Field The Onion Field (1890)

On the 19th of September 1854, English photographer, and a proponent of pictorial or impressionistic photography, George Davidson was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. He is noted as one of the most important figures in the development of Pictorial photography at the end of the nineteenth century. Born into a comparatively modest family – his father was a shipyard carpenter – he was the only one of his siblings who was lucky enough to receive a secondary education. Davidson first took up photography in about 1885 and joined the Camera Club when it opened in November that year, becoming honorary secretary the following year. He first exhibited his work in 1886, showing six pictures at the Photographic Society of Great Britain Exhibition. He became a member of the society in November 1886.

An advocate of naturalistic photography, Davidson experimented widely with different techniques and processes in…

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